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“Men, Women, and God: Theology and Its Impact” re-examined the foundations of Christian patriarchy theologically and socially through varied disciplines. Theologians, lawyers, Bible scholars and translators, humanitarians, pastors, and those working to prevent abuse brought years of experience and wisdom to each session. 

Mimi will be presenting her chapter, "Examples of Women's Leadership in the Old Testament and Church History," from Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies Series 21, virtually at Evangel Temple on April 18, 2021 at 10am CST.


Dr. Mimi Haddad will give a lecture titled "The Early Evangelicals: An Obsession with Calvary Drove Suffrage and Abolition" as part of the MacArthur School of Leadership (MSL) at Palm Beach Atlantic U...


Mimi will give a lecture titled "Equal but Different: Men, Women, and the Gopsel" at Palm Beach Atlantic University, at 6:30pm on March 23....

Christians are Christ’s New Creation. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, believe are being remade in the image of Christ. As part of our sanctification—our newness—the Holy Spirit cleans up our liv...

How do we know what we know? How do we evaluate injustice as Christians? How do we discern the difference between Christian teachings and Christianity held culturally captive? This lecture will consider the 4 constitutive elements of worldview, as a tool for answering these questions. 

Mimi will give this lecture as part of a webinar series put on by Freedom Road. It is the last of three lectures in this webinar series. In order to view this webinar, you must register at www.freedomroad.us. The cost to register is $199.00 for all three.

Mimi will be giving this lecture as part of a webinar series put on Freedom Road. It is the second of three lectures in this webinar series. This lecture will consider the biblical texts evaluating why patriarchy (male rule) opposes the moral precepts and practices of Christianity.

Mimi will be giving this lecture as part of a webinar series put on Freedom Road. It is the first of three lectures in this webinar series, and will focus on the social impact of leadership and authority that excludes the voices, wisdom, and agency of women, defining patriarchy as communities run by men.

Fuller Theological Faculty will spend two hours Tuesday, Jan 19th exploring gender equity through faculty lectures and small group conversations. Mimi Haddad will lead a session on: “Christian Patriar...


Mimi will join John Delhousaye in moderating a second Evangelicals and Gender virtual panel at the 2020 Evangelical Theology Society (ETS) Annual Meeting.