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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of CBE International or its members.

Black woman, God calls you to MISSION because he dwells within you. You were created to Motivate, Inspire, Set the pace, provide Safe spaces, live and lead with Integrity, and always be Optimistic and Nurturing.

Nonconformists reject the status quo—which can be good when it comes to the church and corporate world’s standards, but not when it comes to God’s plan.

Black voices and experiences have historically been silenced or ignored. Even with issues relating to women, Black women are often neglected. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to change this and elevate their voices.

As women clergy and leaders, we understand the pressure to perform. Conform. Please. There is always someone in our ear, requesting this, looking for that, demanding change, suggesting alternatives.

Let’s create retreats rooted in unity and equality, whose discussions and keynote sessions are more memorable than the crafts and competitions that guided them.

The issue of women’s ordination overshadows the unrestricted use of gifts in the church. Opportunities to use our gifts are still doled out based on sexist gender ideologies of what it means to be a woman or a man.

CBE is committed to being a prophetic voice that elevates women’s equality worldwide and the equality of all “races, classes, and ages due to all sharing the image of God.”

Even as egalitarians, our conversations about abuse in the church are often laced with patriarchy, centering men as authoritative even though they are not the primary victim.

What can anatomic pathology teach us about women’s equality? The importance of considering the bigger picture before becoming fixated on little details.

Crisscrossing both testaments, gender balance looks at the Bible in a way clearly contained within the text itself. It tempers patriarchy. It offers solace to those wounded by misogyny. It invites study and comparison.